Internship with Cobblestone Crossing nursing home.

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In this assignment I want you please to Review an evaluation tool that the Cobblestone Crossing nursing home uses to evaluate a training. they use pre-test post-test to evaluate the employees after taking Body Mechanics and Transfers training. I will upload you the training documents which I want you to read carefully and answer:
1. Review an evaluation tool that your internship site uses to evaluate a training event. What type of tool is it (i.e. use of surveys, focus groups, interviews, pre-test post-test, etc.)?
2. Give a general overview of the training event that this tool was used to evaluate, listing the goal/s and objectives.
3. Which level(s) is the evaluation tool designed to measure according to Kirkpatrick’s model (1-4)?
4. Summarize the data or results gathered by this tool from a previous training event. Illustrate deficiencies found (provide data), training/teaching areas that need improvement, organizational or procedural problems, equipment needs, or areas of program/unit improvement.

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