Interview a parent who has a child with ADHD/Statistics OPTM 310 hw2

Interview a parent who has a child with ADHD/Statistics OPTM 310 hw2

Unlike your research review, these can be theoretical or review articles; you are not limited to empirical journal articles. If you are interviewing an individual who is connected to the disability area you addressed in your research review, you may use those articles to integrate into the interview paper. Use APA citation style in your paper.
Your analysis (i.e., your paper) should include three basic sections: summary, integration of research, reflection and conclusion. The summary should give a thorough idea of what you heard in your interview, the integration of research is where you draw comparisons with the literature, and your final reflection and conclusion section should bring in your own thoughts and responses.
Proceed with the interview: 1. Ask background information to begin. How old, where goes to school, who friends are, what likes to do best. 2. Now can you tell me about DISABILITY. What does that mean? (or How would you know if someone had it?) a. How old were you when it started? b. Does it bother you? If so, when? c. What kinds of things do you think are harder for you because of DISABILITY? Explore: i. How about at home? (siblings, parents) ii. What about at school? iii. Other (sports, playing, job) d. Do you get any help for your DISABILITY? Explore: i. School services ii. Doctors or therapists iii. Medications iv. What is the most helpful thing people can do? 3. What do you want to do when you grow up? How do you think your DISABILITY will affect that? 4. What do you wish people understood about DISABILITY? 5. What else should I know?
For Parents. Modify the questions to ask about “your child” instead of “you.” Ask about parents’ understanding of disability and also about child’s. For example, When did you first find out? AND When did your child first find out? (or Does you child know that he or she has…).

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