Introduction to Business Operations

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Introduction to Business Operations
The focus of this week has been on the operations management and operations as a process. Operations is a major function in every organization and, as the textbook states, is responsible for supplying the products or services of the organization. Because operations is a function of the organization, every decision is actually a cross-functional decision involving marketing and finance. To prepare for this discussion, review Table 1.1 in the textbook.
Based on your reading for this week:
Using newspapers, magazines, or the Internet (including the textbook Web site), find examples of operations strategies in organizations. What evidence, if any, can you see of the organization’s:
Cross-functional decision-making process,
Strategy Model, and
Supply Chain?
With these thoughts in mind:
Post a brief statement that includes a description of the organization you chose, where you found the information, what you discovered about the cross-functional decision making process, strategy model, and supply chain of this company.
Course Text: Schroeder, R. G., Goldstein, S. M., & Rungusanatham, M. J. (2011). Operations management: contemporary concepts and cases. (5th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

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