Investigation on “what are the causes of airline’s management failures”

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1- Topic an investigation on “what are the causes of airline’s management failures”
2- The Airline Company is “Saudi Arabian Airlines”
3- Primary research:
a- Can you send me a survey to see customer’s satisfaction and issue on Saudia Airlines management and service.
b- Then an interview to do with Saudia Airlines Vice President about their management issue.
4- When you send these questioner and interview to me I’ll be finishing them with 2 days as maximum.
5- Can you send me a plan/outline, Amis and objective to show my supervisor on Monday morning so then I’ll let you know what she said.
6- Can you send me a draft on each work to do. So, I can read it and understand it and show it to my supervisor.
This is the main things that I need, if there is something new I will let you know.
If there is something you want to know just ask please also if you need to rephrase the topic to be more academic but with same meaning that is fine.
Resources: try to stay with British ones please.

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