Involving the Community in Program Development

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One of the most fundamental activities within public health is developing community-based programs to improve the health of the community. This week you are introduced to different strategies or approaches for initiating and developing community-based programs. You will learn more about how to locate and use evidence in constructing such a program to ensure that your program is based on the best available knowledge.
Briefly describe the community and the public health issue you plan to focus on in your Application this week.
In this Discussion you will consider how you would involve the community in the program’s development. What would be effective ways for including them in the process? Draw on your Learning Resources to support your assertions.
The planning of programs and interventions is one of the core activities within public health. Recall various public health programs and interventions that you have learned about so far, either from firsthand experience or in your readings. How were they developed? In what ways were they based on evidence? What do you suppose are the factors having to do with initial planning that led to their success or failure?
Course Text: Public Health Administration by Lloyd Novick, Cynthia Morrow, and Glen Mays
Chapter 19, Community-Based Prevention
This chapter describes the process of developing community-based prevention efforts. It explains why and how evidence should be considered when planning interventions. Note the importance that the authors place on the use of the Guide to Community and Preventive Services (see below for further information) as a source of guidance in program planning.:
Optional Resources:
Look through these sections of The Community Guide to gain a picture of how various sources of evidence are gathered and put to use in planning public health programs. In this activity, evidence focuses on tobacco-related health issues..
Introduction,How to Use The Guide to Community Preventive Services (pages xxv–x xxvi)
Chapter 10, Methods Used for Reviewing Evidence and Linking Evidence to Recommendations(pages 431– 448)
Chapter 1,Tobacco(pages 3–79)
The Community I would choose is in New Castle County Delware
Propose various strategies you think would be effective in getting this community, stakeholders, and partners involved in your program’s development. Explain and support your reasons for choosing these strategies.

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