Violence and Virtue of Artemisia Gentileschi’s Judith Slaying Holofernes

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Assignment Prompt
Write a 5-page research paper about an art object from the Art Institute of Chicago?s European collection of painting and sculpture (select a work that was made between 1400 and 1800). Your paper should be original and based on your own observations, interpretations and analyses. Ideally, you can view the work in person (in the museum) to conduct your research; this is highly recommended.Use the visual information (formal elements) and research the work?s context to generate your thesis. If you are viewing the work online, make sure that you think carefully about scale and media, since you are looking at a reproduction. You must cite all sources and include a Bibliography (published books and journal articles). You must have a minimum of four books/articles in your Bibliography/Work Cited Page. Websites should be used sparingly and with caution to their authoritative nature; they will not count in your Bibliography. Please do your best to include an image of the work/s discussed. You may take non-flash pictures at the museum. If you can, Include images of works discussed in your paper in the back and refer to them as: figure 1, figure 2, etc.
Paper Requirements:
This is a research paper; your paper should be centered on an analysis or an argument about your museum selection.
You should begin the paper with an introduction that introduces the work and your thesis.
You should include a visual analysis of the work that supports your thesis or argument. Do this early on so the reader can visualize the work as it is being discussed.
Your thesis needs to be supported in your research through visual and contextual evidence.
You must compare your work to another piece (at least one other work and no more than three) in order to strengthen your argument. This work does not have to come from the museum; it may be another work by the artist you are writing about or from a similar or distant time period.
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