it is a writing task of 500 words on the two articles i have posted you

Use formal academic writing style.

Support your argument with intext references in appropriate APA format from the posted Readings.


Select and discuss three significant cultural features which website designers should take into consideration when they are designing a website for high context culture users. Use intext citation from the posted readings: Wurtz (2006) ; Ahmed et al. (2009).

Document Preview:
Intercultural Communication on Web sites: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Web sites from High-Context Cultures and Low-Context Cultures Elizabeth Wu¨ rtz Department of Design, Communication and Media IT University Copenhagen The aim of this study is to explore and identify the strategies used by high-context cultures in utilizing the Internet—a largely low-context medium—for communication and marketing purposes. It is hypothesized that individuals in high-context cultures are more likely to adopt the visual effects offered by the Internet to convey their messages efficiently than their low-context counterparts. How might high-context cultures make the most of the potentials offered by the Internet generation of today? Assuming that visual communication is a high priority in the design of high-context Web sites, how do the visual methods used on Web sites vary according to the communication styles in different cultures? Using Hall’s high-and low-context dimensions as the main parameters, an exploratory analysis of McDonald’s Web sites identified five different strategies by which visual communication is used to support high-context communication traits. doi:10.1111/j.1083-6101.2006.00013.x Introduction A popular cultural framework was proposed by Edward Hall (1976, 2000), in which he stated that all cultures can be situated in relation to one another through the styles in which they communicate. In some cultures, such as those of Scandinavians, Germans, and the Swiss, communication occurs predominantly through explicit statements in text and speech, and they are thus categorized as low-context cultures. In other cultures, such as the Japanese and Chinese, messages include other communicative cues such as body language and the use of silence. Essentially, high-context communication involves implying a message through that which is not uttered. This includes the situation, behavior, and paraverbal cues as integral parts of the communicated message. Journal of…

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