Jack Kerouac

Choose any Beat author and write a research paper about his or her significance to the Beat movement. Use the following as a model for your thesis: _____ was important to the Beat movement [your assertion] because _____ [the reasoning behind your assertion]. If you would like to write on another topic concerning the Beat Generation, clear it with me before you hand in your final draft. Underline your thesis and place it at the end of your introduction. Make sure that your introduction is developed (22-46 lines). Your introduction can discuss your opinion of the historical significance of the Beat Generation. Think of a creative title for your paper that reflects your thesis statement. You are not allowed to quote from websites in your essay. At least five secondary sources (articles, essays, and books from libraries) must be brought into your discussion and properly cited. Use transitional topic sentences to begin each of your body paragraphs. Be sure to use at least one direct quotation in each of your body paragraphs. The evidence in your body paragraphs should be ordered so that your essay increasingly gets better. Try to use at least six literary terms in your paper, but do not force them into your essay. Make sure that your conclusion is developed (22-46 lines). Your conclusion should not restate what you have already said in the paper. The conclusion should put your paper in the light of a bigger context. Your conclusion can discuss why some people are still fascinated with the Beats today. Use authors’ full names the first time you mention them and just their last names thereafter. Your essay should be written in MLA format with the following regulations: Double-spaced (23 lines per page; minimum 208 lines or 2,700 words) [Words→Lines]) Paragraph spacing before and after should be 0 point [Paragraph→Spacing] Turn off Widow/Orphan control [Paragraph→Line and Page Breaks→Pagination] Times New Roman 12 point font 1” margins around the entire text [Page Layout→Margins→Normal] Header with your last name and the page number ½” down from the top right on every page [Insert→Page Number→Top of Page→Plain Number 3] Your name, instructor’s name, class name, and date in the left corner of the first page only Title centered ½” indent to start paragraphs [Paragraph→Tabs] Minimum ten pages or 2,700 words Works Cited on the last page Stapled in left corner

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