Jackson 12

1.Jackson, even-numbered Chapter Exercises, pp. 335-337.

2.Explain the difference between multiple independent variables and multiple levels of independent variables. Which is better?

3.What is blocking and how does it reduce “noise”? What is a disadvantage of blocking?

4.What is a factor? How can the use of factors benefit a design?

5.Explain main effects and interaction effects.

6.How does a covariate reduce noise?

7.Describe and explain three trade-offs present in experiments.

Must detail academic sources used – APA 6th ed.

All work should indicated sources used.

Should be at least 5 pages.

Sources used:

Jackson, S. L. (2012) Research methods and statistics: A critical thinking approach. Read Chapter 12
Trochim, W. M. K., & Donnelly, J. P. (2008) The research methods knowledge base. Read Pages 191- 207

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