Jamestown Identification



Jamestown Identification


  • (For credit, you must give the source of the information in parenthesis at the end of the entry. Both the assignment and source must be submitted AT THE SAME TIME. Credit will not be given for source sent separately by message; do not send source separately. If you use Internet, you must give the address.)
  • There is no credit for text message style; use standard English.
  • Submit 75 words to give the dateplace, and literary significance. Identifying without giving the significance (literary importance, influence) of the identification is not sufficient. Why is this in a literature book?
  • Use the textbook, Internet, the AVL, or SSCC Library


This is an identification assignment (75 words) in which you are identify Jamestown by including the date, the place, and the reason it is literary with sources.


Based on your readings of DuBois and Washington, you should have a fairly firm grasp of the ideologies of these two great African Americans. Each had his own definition of what freedom and equality entailed. Your assignment is to compare and contrast the ideologies of these two men. In addition, you are to present an argument as to which one, in your opinion, would prove to be better for the Black race.

I’ve included an attachment of Washington’s “Atlanta Address” and DuBois’ “Harpers Ferry Speech.” Each of these works will give you more insight into the minds of these men.

Requirements:  At least 1 or 2 single spaced pages in length, 12-font, MLA documentation. Please make sure that you use quotes from the works to support your claims. Also, make sure that you include a Works Cited page. As usual, this assignment should be submitted as an attached document.



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