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READING ASSIGNMENT: Collins, John J. Introduction to the Hebrew Bible. MN: Fortress Press, 2004 – (PLEASE USE 2004, BOOK OF COLLINS, JOHN J. version only)
Chapter 11-First Samuel-PAGES-217-30
Chapter 12 – Second Samuel- PAGES 231-43
Chapter 13- 1 Kings 1-16 Solomon and The Divided Monarchy 245-58
Chapter 14- 1 Kings 12-2 Kings 25 Tales of Prophets and the End of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah- 261-78
The Journal should include the following: Please include all 5 outline request.
(1) The week’s date (for the reading assignment)
(2) Must be 275 words in length,
(3) make specific reference to something in the week’s assigned readings either from the textbooks or articles, including giving the exact page number(s) on which you are commenting, and
(4) The first paragraph must accurately and adequately explain the main ideas reflected in the reading on which you are commenting AND the second paragraph must thoughtfully respond or react to the ideas in the reading.
5. Your response or reaction can be in the form of raising questions, agreeing or disagreeing with the reading, or expressing some other pertinent thought. Your journal entries must demonstrate that you have read and thought about the assigned reading.

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