K-12 education

Throughout this course, you have been looking at the many changes being made to K-12 education. In the beginning, we took a look at an explanation of the state of K-12 education in the United States from Sir Ken Robinson, a contemporary education reformer. We then drilled down to the issues all schools, districts, and states are overcoming and the standards and initiatives that support educational change. As an educational leader, you should be familiar with these and stay current as additional initiatives unfold so you can help others in your sphere of influence understand, implement, and potentially influence educational change. For your final assignment, you will be selecting a topic from those we have discussed or those found in the text to demonstrate your understanding of change in K-12 education. You may use your text in addition to outside peer reviewed journal articles and websites to help frame your understanding, your stance, and your plan to help support any of the new initiatives. (Your text is a great source for ideas if you want to tackle a new topic). Your paper should include: •An overview of the initiative – presenting both the pro and con positions. •The current state of the initiative across the country including political and economic implications. •Analysis of why the initiative is important to students. •Analyze of what the initiative will do for K-12 education and why it is important. •Investigation of what changes teachers, administrators, and the community will have to make to assure the initiative’s success. •Create a plan you could introduce and present to a group of your choice (peers, community, parents, administrators, or school leaders) to help the initiative succeed. Length: 10-12 pages References: A minimum of five scholarly resources required

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