Korean Presbyterian Church of New York

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Main Topic: Korean Presbyterian Church of New York by Greg Lynn
Thesis: Whereas Parametrcism today explores form for forms sake, in the early stages of parametricism Lynn explores parametric design informed by the program.
-history of parametricism how does it evolve – comparing today to its origins.
-talk about blob series by greg lynn (today) and other examples of his work or other contemporary architects who explore form for forms sake and compare to early beginings of parametric design in specific the Korean Presbyterian Church of New York by Greg Lynn where clearly the form is an amplification of the program (interior)
Greg Lynn
Brief Biography
Early Work
Presbyterian Church of New York
-4 elements that show how the form and the program are related (and compare them to other presedents) ex:
light (compare to gothic/traditional churches use of light)
volume (volumetric intersection between – talk about the diagramatic model)
mix of traditonal design with computer aided design
Conclude with the idea that even though parametricism has evolved into being digital explorations of forms for forms sake, we believe that it should begin to rescue the ideas of the early parametric projects who’s forms still had a sense of following function.

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