Labor Legislation

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Write a 2 pages double spaced (no more), font 12 in APA format with references on a separate page. Also include a title page please.
Select two or more of the following and discuss briefly noting the salient points. When discussing the topic selected underline the topic in your paper the first time it is used. For instance, if you are discussing Equal pay…underline the words Equal Pay Act of 1941 the first time you use it – OR – you may identify it as a subtitle instead.
a. Fair labor standards act of 1938
b. Fair employment Act of 1941
c. Equal pay act of 1963
d. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
e. Age discrimination in employment act of 1967
f. Occupational safety and health act of 1970
g. Rehabilitation act of 1973
h. Employee retirement income security act of 1974
i. Immigration reform and control act of 1986
j. Employee polygraph protection act of 1988
k. The Americans Disability act of 1990
l. Family and Medical Leave act of 1993
m. Health Insurance Portability Act of 1996
n. Nursing relief for disadvantaged areas of 1999

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