Latin American civilization essay

Discuss the impact of Iberian conquest and settlements (building permanent towns) on the peoples and ecologies of the Americas.

Hint: Focus on the growing European consolidation of economic and political control over territories, (for example, building new towns) and forced labor and tribute practices imposed on the peoples in the context of the colonial enterprise in Mexico and Peru.


  • Length: 500 words maximum
  • Essay should be typed and double-spaced.  Cite all quotations and paraphrases.  Writing is NOT a series of continuous quotations.  Make it clear to the reader that you read the text carefully.
  • Remember to write a thesis statement (central argument) in your introduction, then develop your thesis and provide historical evidence (body of your essay), and end with a closing paragraph.
  • Use Chicago Manual of Style
  • Use Footnotes or Endnotes
    • Points will be awarded as per participation contribution, a maximum of one hundred (100) points each.
    • Students are expected to participate in all the discussion forums.
    • The approximate length your original post should be between 120-150 words. Quality is more important than quantity!
    • Students are expected to respond to 2 other student’s post, keeping the response constructive and concise.
    • Discussion grades will be available one week after the deadline.Explain the settlement practices (actions) of Europeans in colonial society, refer to Williamson text. Address the meaning associated with founding towns in the context of Spanish colonization.

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