Law and International Society

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 “The core International Humanitarian Law treaties have now achieved universal acceptance, imposing the obligations they contain on every Government. As a result, States must adopt legislative measures to prohibit and repress what are called grave breaches; Prosecution for offences is on the basis of individual criminal responsibility and military commanders have a particular responsibility for acts committed by people under their command.” Discuss.
1) Please use simple language
2) Make the essay analytical and have arguments
3) Give some 1-2 examples of cases
4) Use the references given below and Harvard style referencing
Recommended Bibliography:
1.Aust, Handbook of International law, 2010
2.Kaczorowska, Public International Law, 4th ed
3.M Dixon, Textbook on International Law, 2008
Legal journals for Articles on the topic of your choice; for instance:
1.The American Journal of International Law (AJIL)
2.The British Yearbook of International Law (BYIL)
3.European Journal of International Law (EJIL)
4.The International and Comparative Law Quarterly (ICLQ)

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