Learning Sequence for Indigenous Studies Essay

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Task description:
This task requires you to develop a learning sequence for Indigenous studies and develop an educational resource as part of that sequence or draw on resources that exist. You are asked to identify the student cohort for whose learning needs you are designing the learning sequence (i.e. class level, geographic location in Australia and ethno-cultural mix, amongst others). Develop a plan for three or more weeks of activities in a form that suits the context. You should include in the sequence the meaning-giving context, an outline of activities in their developmental sequence, their intended learning outcomes, pedagogical approaches, accommodation of learning abilities and needs, and means and uses of assessment. The learning sequence is to be justified with a sound theoretical rationale where you draw on the theory that informs inclusion of Aboriginal studies, non-Indigenous studies and learning styles. Using in text references from scholarly literature/sources to support and also using The Australian History Curriculum throughout and using it as a foundation for the learning sequence always referring to it and referencing it where necessary.
Assessment Criteria
Quality of the design of the learning sequence as reflected in some or all of the following as pertinent: Theoretical knowledge and critical engagement with content of this unit;
Understanding and critical knowledge of the positioning of Indigenous histories and the ongoing impact of the history in the present;
Skills in synthesising knowledge and understandings to ensure effective learning and engagement of students in different geographic and socio-cultural contexts;
Skills in critical reflection in the development of a pedagogy suitable to the engagement of Indigenous and non-Indigenous students;
Creative and critical awareness of effective and appropriate assessment;
Critical understanding of the national Aboriginal Studies curricular and teaching expectations.

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