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In this assignment you will design a sequence of three forty-five minute mathematics lessons for Early Stage 1 or Stage 1 using a children’s picture book as a stimulus. All three lessons must connect to each other in a logical learning sequence, and you must describe how the book is to be used in each lesson. You will also write a 500-word justification of how and why the planned lessons reflect best practice in the teaching of mathematics.The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply your understandings of syllabus outcomes and the use of best practice pedagogy to the design of three engaging mathematics lessons that are age and stage appropriate for either Early Stage 1 or Stage 1 students. You will learn how to consider books and concrete materials as important stimuli to everyday mathematics teaching and learning. And u have to use the template and Syllables to include the syllabus in the references (Mathematics K-6) the New syllabus 2012 volume one and I will send u the documents about it and the name the story I have if u want use this story because I think it is good

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