Life Story Custom Essay

Assignment 1
Life Story
The life story method, commonly used in anthropology and overlapping into sociology (Atkinson, 2002:123), serves to situate the individual’s experience and personal history into a socio-historical context. As a method of qualitative inquiry, it allows for an individual to be viewed in the context of their whole life. Multiple factors influence a person’s life. These include: race or ethnicity, socioeconomic status, education and occupation of parents, rural or urban upbringing, family composition, etc. These influences all indirectly influence a person’s notion of gender and how they interpret their own lives. For instance, if your parents were first generation Canadians, this may influence what they consider as gender-appropriate behaviours for sons or daughters. If your parents were both born in rural areas, this may influence the value they place on education. These preexisting values systems will influence your experiences within your family.
If you were to consider your own life experience as influenced by these external factors, you can begin to consider how you exist within a historical context, while at the same time providing a glimpse at how a person’s life intersects with the history of their society.
You are required to write your own life story. Begin with where and when you were born. What were the cultural influences of the time? Ethnicity, class, and gender are only three factors that may influence a person’s life chances, opportunities, and societal views. Others factors include national economic trends, rural or urban upbringing, household characteristics, education of parents, local economic opportunities, age, marital status, and family values.
To augment and enrich your story, you might include some news stories that occurred during the year of your birth (be sure to reference these articles). If possible, choose headlines that may relate to race, class, or gender. For instance, in 1962 “London: Judge Elizabeth Lane becomes the first woman to sit in the High Court” (Chronicles of the 20th Century). This headline suggests that in 1962, women were not equally represented in the justice system. Search for and describe the social forces that have influenced your own life (feel free to include photographs). Be creative!
Technical Requirements
Title page
Minimum of 5 pages double spaced -12 point type
Reference page for news articles if used
Spelling and grammar will be considered
Everyone’s story is unique. Do your best as you write your story to point out the economic, political, and historical influences that may have shaped your life thus far.
A sample Life Story is available in Content under About the Course.

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