literacy development


You will locate and critically read at least one peer reviewed article (can look on the UWA library website) on the Phases of Literacy Development and Phonemic Awareness. You will post responses to all of the following:

1)      Describe the phases of literacy development (awareness and exploration phase, experimental reading and writing phase, early reading and writing phase, transitional reading and writing phase, and independent and productive phase). Tell what grade level in which you think each phase is most likely to occur.

2)      Describe phonemic awareness. Give a brief overview of your understanding of each of the following phonemic awareness activities:

  1. a)phoneme isolation
  2. b)phoneme identity
  3. c)phoneme categorization
  4. d)rhyming
  5. e)blending
  6. f)segmenting beginning and ending sounds in words
  7. g)segmenting separate sounds in words
  8. h)phoneme deletion, addition, and substitution

3)      Why do you think it is important to understand the phases of literacy development and phonemic awareness when considering language development/instruction for young children?

4)      What do the researchers from the articles you read say about the phases of literacy development and phonemic awareness? Are any of these contentious issues or do the researchers support your understanding of both in order to successfully teach language to young children?

5)      Do you feel it is important to teach phonemic awareness as the precursor to phonics for young children to develop language? Why or why not?

6)      Give an APA citation for each of the articles that you read.


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