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In your career there will be patients who have suffered, and are suffering, from incredible physical and emotional conditions. In this reaction paper, select one of the assigned weekly readings, and explore how you as a healthcare(Nurse) professional would react to a patient who has experienced major trauma. Consider this question: how would you maintain some level of detachment to protect yourself from emotional overload while providing the care the patient might need?
Did the literary work teach you anything or give you a sense of being better prepared for the professional patient-caregiver relationship? What did it teach you? Show the reader the exact statement (quote and cite) so that the readers sees exactly what statement helped you reach a new understanding.
Please use first person point of view on this assignment. This means you can use any of the pronouns except any you/your pronouns.
Create a 3-5 paragraph reaction that is 250 words or more
Helpful steps:
1. Begin by reviewing the readings for the week. Select the one that made you the most uncomfortable or seemed the most overwhelming situation to deal with or overcome.
2. Prewrite concrete, significant details of the literary work you selected and make notes or lists on how you might best interact with the patient in a way that supports their struggle without compromising your own emotional state. Make notes on lessons learned from the reading.
3. Transform those notes into paragraph form narrating your reaction to the reader.

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