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The literature is designed to provide an opportunity for students to engage in critical reading and analysis and to consider the practical application of the theories and concepts covered within the unit. This assignment is to be completed individually.
A brief one-page summary addressing the questions (not just summarizing the readings) must be provided to the other students in the reading group and the facilitator via Turnitin. You need to describe the main ideas or argument of each article, comment on a point of difference or similarity between the articles, and how these articles help or change your thinking about and ethical theory and related issues. Please note: these two articles must be read by every student to participate in the task whether you are doing a presentation or not.Also this question to be answered only for one article which is Capitalism and its Regulation: A Dialogue on Business and Ethics by Martin Parker and Gordon Pearson: Discuss Parker Pearson in relation to can a corporation have a conscience? Can a corporation be a good corporate citizen under capitalism, justify your response from arguments in the readings. Comment on how the readings help you in your understanding of business ethics.

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