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English IV Research Paper-Macbeth
The senior research paper is a literary criticism research paper. This means that you choose a piece of literature to read and examine. Then you research a specific topic or interpretation in that literature. You should spend time reading scholarly sources about your piece of literature as you narrow your thesis. For 5 pages, your paper should include a balance of
Quotes from the original text
Deep Literary Analysis of Your Own
Historical/Cultural Context
Comparison and use of Scholars Analyzing the Literature
Topic: How the real life Macbeth Differs and compares to the Shakespeare Macbeth.
Make it sound like a 12th grade honors student wrote it. (Not too smart but not stupid, need around a 90-95 on it)
Use both of these as sources
Hunter, G.K. “MacBeth MacFindlaech.” MacBeth MacFindlaech. Penguin Books, 1967.
Sellar, David. Moray: Province and People. Edinburgh: Scottish Society for Northern Studies, 1993. Print.
Use only Database and Book Sources! No Websites other than above!

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