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Answer all 3 of the following questions, using information from assigned readings, class slide-lectures, and discussions. Support your points by referring to works from assigned readings or class lectures. Do not consult any additional reference materials to answer these questions and do not work collaboratively with other classmates.
The answers for each of the 3 questions should be no less than 500 words (approximately 2 typed, double-spaced pages in length) adding up to a minimum of 1500 words (approximately 6 typed, double-spaced pages). Papers can be longer that the minimum requirement. Points will be deducted from papers that are shorter than the required length.
Your Critical Analysis paper is due on Monday, April 14.
1. Mami Wata
Describe the basic characteristics of Mami Wata: her personality, attributes, and spiritual powers. Then discuss Mami Wata’s visual history by identifying and discussing the different local and foreign sources and forms of Mami Wata visual culture in Africa and the African diaspora.
2. Art and Cultural Heritage
Discuss the relationship between art and cultural heritage in two different historical and artistic contexts: 1) the Kuba Ndop and the Art School of Nsheng; and 2) Léopold Senghor and L’Ecole de Dakar.
3. Textiles in Popular Fashion & Contemporary Art:
Discuss the significance, past and present, of two special textiles—handwoven kente and factory-produced African-prints—for Ghanaian dress and culture.
Then discuss the significance of these textiles in the work of two contemporary African artists: El Anatsui and Yinka Shonibare.
Citation style:
When discussing the ideas or research from a particular reading, you need to provide the name of the author and the page number(s) for that information, using one of the following citation styles:
1) Drewal describe Mami Wata as . . . (pp. 10-11).
2) Mami Wata is . . . (Drewal: 10-11).
You do not need to provide citations for information presented in class lectures.
Do not use direct quotations in your essays. Do not consult any additional reference materials to answer these questions.
You do not need to provide a bibliography or list of references with your exam.
Your grade will be based on:
– the depth of your understanding of the concepts under discussion
– the degree to which you incorporate information from relevant readings and class lectures
Required Paper Format:
– double-spaced
– do not separate your paragraphs with an extra space
– no double-sided printing for paper copies
Papers that are not carefully proofread for typos and for spelling or grammatical errors will receive a lower grade.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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