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Note that each answer should be about a paragraph long. Do not copy your answers from the web, the text book, etc. In other words, you MAY USE the book, the videos, your notes, and other sources, but WRITE YOUR ANSWERS IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Any two papers submitted with word-for-word answers will both be scored as zero points.
This test covers Chapters 1-4.
Five essays at 14 possible points each (for a total of 70 points possible).
1.- Explain the idea of Controlling as it is used in the Management Model (the entire management model consists of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling). In other words, tell what controlling means in this context (Hint: It is NOT about telling people what to do…)
2.- In the text book and in the videos, the author and I make the point that the Management Model is universal. In other words, managers at all levels of all departments in all kinds of organizations use this system. Describe how the Chief of Police in a medium-sized city in the U.S. uses the controlling element of the management model.
3.- Figure 2.4, on page 47 of the 11th edition of the text, is entitled, An Integrative Framework of Management Perspectives. Explain in your own words HOW the five perspectives are being integrated.
4.- Describe the general, task, and internal environments of the Chief of Police in Question 2, above. Include at least two elements of each subset of the chiefs environment, and describe them. I feel like I need to insert a reminder here, because these definitions and descriptions are pretty clear in lots of places USE YOUR OWN WORDS do NOT copy from the book , internet, etc.
5.- In Chapter 4 and in the videos, the term unethical behavior is defined as behavior that does not conform to generally accepted social norms. In the videos I say that this makes ethics a moving target. What does this mean to the manager, AND how can you protect yourself and your future employees from making unethical decisions and choices?

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