Management Training and Resulting Conflict Management Effectiveness in Hospitals

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Perform literature review using more advanced methods
Abstract 3
Introduction 4
Background of the study 5
Problem Statement 7
Objectives 7
Research Questions 7
Research Methodology 8
Literature Review .9
References 1
Choosing your topic: the hunt for an idea
2.2 Conducting a literature search or review
2.3 Researching and exploring the topic: methods and methodologies
2.4 The importance of having a ‘thesis’ and evaluating it critically
2.5 Managing your notes
Aims and research questions of the project
Research Question: How effective is management training in conflict management?
1. To investigate the existence and management of conflict among health-care personnel.
2. To determine the effectiveness of management training in enhancing conflict management in hospitals.
3. To prove that prevention than cure approach in conflict management is effective.
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