Managing Across Borders Essay

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Your work should draw on existing cross-cultural theory and concepts and show strong evidence of academic research.
You are required to complete an analytical report supported by academic research for a newly appointed Senior International Business Development Manager at Alliance Boots.
The Manager has recently joined Alliance Boots from another organization, where the focus was mainly domestic, with some limited business development experience in western Europe.
Having now recently joined Alliance Boots, the Senior International Business Development Manager is looking at expanding Alliance Boots’ market opportunities, and is considering a new international joint venture between its UK base operations and China.
This new venture has an estimated value of £1Billion in sales per year, and would enable Alliance Boots to offer alternative medicines in China.
Some of these alternative medicines contain animal body parts and have traditionally been part of the local culture for thousands of years.
As the Senior International Business Development Manager has no previous experience outside of Europe, you have therefore been hired as an independent international consultant to produce an analytical report supported by academic research and theory on cross-cultural and international management.
Drawing on existing cross-cultural and international management academic research and theory, critically analyse and evaluate how the Senior International Business Development Manager may address cultural issues/challenges or dilemmas related to the following three points:
a) Analyze and discuss possible cross-cultural management issues in Alliance Boots’ new international joint venture, such as the various challenges and approaches between the company’s UK base operations and the venture in China.
– Provide a clear understanding of what culture, and cross-cultural management in an international setting is. Draw from wide ranging academic sources on the matter and clearly demonstrate understanding of appropriate theory.
–Following this, focus on one particular appropriate framework/approach such as Hofstede’s dimensions ect… and critically discuss this in greater detail supported by a broad range of relevant academic sources.
–Finally, apply your chosen framework/approach to the case study and the international cultural management process and discuss this in greater detail by focusing on the challenges/issues.
b) Analyze and critically evaluate possible challenges in the relationship between the ethical and commercial aspects of Alliance Boots’ proposed new international joint venture.
-Demonstrate a clear understanding of international CSR and ethical issues in International business. You may want to draw some comparisons between domestic CSR and Ethics and how these may impact the management processes in an international settings, such as what is international CSR and how does it differ from domestic CSR and how international CSR may impact management processes.
– Apply relevant theory to the case study by focusing on a specific aspect of international CSR and Ethics (refer to the assignment).
c) Based on your analyses, provide recommendations and justify the application of cross-cultural management models and techniques where relevant for Alliance Boots’ new international joint venture.
– Provide a clear recommendation as to whether Boots should engage with the joint venture or not. You must clearly demonstrate your logic as supported by the previous two sections (a & b) as to why Boots should either go ahead or not with the joint venture.
–Critically discuss the impact of cross cultural management on your chosen recommendation.
–This section should not provide a first person subjective narrative, as the work must remain objective and written in the third person, and supported by quality academic sources at all times.
–You may also report on comparable case studies where companies of a similar size in a similar industry where possible, have successfully or unsuccessfully engaged in joint ventures or international market penetration and the impact of cultural management on that venture.

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