Managing Conflict in Relationships

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An individual’s orientation to conflict determines his or her desired outcome. You’ve observed a child’s win-lose orientation when he or she insists on his or her rights at another’s expense. You may have observed a lose-lose situation when a friend or co-worker states, If I don’t get a raise, no one should get a raise. Hopefully, you’ve also observed a win-win orientation where one of the parties says,Let’s see if we can make this work for everyone.
Using Microsoft Word, prepare a document that does the following:
• Identify a conflict being discussed in the public media. It may be a court case, a political position, or an issue of public policy.
• Write a description of the conflict including:
o Summary of the conflict and the orientations of those involved.
o Based on what you’ve learned about interpersonal communication so far, what interpersonal needs are being expressed by those in the conflict?
o Your recommendation of what it would take to achieve a win-win outcome.
Your paper should include at least 5 pages of content.

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