Mapping The History of the “Boogie Man” in Hindi Horror Films

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This paper should look at Indian popular horror films throughout history & map out the narrative of what is seen & portrayed as “scary”. The subjects that are portrayed as scary in the films need to be tied into India’s history. The films in a sense manifest the general public’s opinion about certain things which are viewed as scary, in that specific time.
The paper should start with an introduction of the horror movie scene in Bollywood, its history, and also mention how this genre is under-explored.
The paper should go on chronologically from lets say the 40s or 20s, till the modern day, discussing how horror films are developing & tying the “boogie man” of that time, with the history of that time. History should explain why the scary things in films are scary in that era,
The pop. horror indian films from each decade need to be analysed with a historical context.

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