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In this assignment write a 3000 words paper in APA guidelines. Please note that the word limit is 3000 words (Times New Roman 12 font, using 1.5 line spacing). This includes an abstract of no more than 150 words. Please try to retain yourself within the word limit. If you exceed the word limit you will be penalized by receiving a lower grade. You are allowed to include a reasonable amount of relevant supporting material in the appendix. All material should be properly referenced according to the APA system of referencing used in most academic journals.Note that the assignment consists of 2 segments. Part A requires a critical review of marketing communications literature, with a focus on the development of an integrated marketing communication campaign. Part B requires you to develop an integrated marketing communications campaign for a company of your own choice.

You are required to conduct a literature review to critically discuss the concepts, practices and development of integrated marketing communication campaigns (IMC). You are encouraged to identify at least 1 key academic framework on IMC, describe and discuss it against different schools of thought.

Following the literature review, you are now required to prepare a pitch for a new marketing communication campaign, as if you are part of an agency account team pitching for a client’s business in the UK. The objective, of course, is to win the business by illustrating a compelling and effective marketing communication plan for a consumer product or service of your choice. You could select a brand from one of the following choices:
Personal hygiene brands Adidas

This campaign is targeting at consumers in the UK market. You are required to devise an original promotional campaign and support the creative strategy with a clearly argued marketing rationale. You might have an idea for announcing and promoting a new product or a new service, for re-positioning or refreshing an existing brand, for re-energizing an old brand, etc. The potential budget and all other variables are left open. But please ensure that the scenario is plausible. Keep everything in proportion and always refer it back to the literature. One good thing to do is to bear in mind the integrated theme of the course- you don’t have to rely on just one media channel. You can, of course, choose a media plan to suit your campaign strategy, using any media and any form of promotional communication you choose.
Your report must outline the five main areas of:
* Brand positioning: identify and discuss the choice of brand/concept which is being promoted with reference to competitive positioning and differential appeal.
* Target audience: describe and justify the chosen target segment in terms of the behavior, attitude and lifestyle.
* Creative strategy: describe your creative idea and strategy.
* The Selection of Tools and Media: discuss the selection of MC tools and media with justified rationale.
* Effectiveness: describe how you intend to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed campaign effectiveness with clear justification.
The assignment reflects all the learning objectives and represents 100% of the assessment for the module. This means if you fail the assignment you will fail the module.
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