Marketing Research and Segmentation Problem

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Complete the following problem related to market research and segmentation by writing a 1,100-word response. Assume the role of a marketing representative at a local hospital or medical facility with which you are familiar. Provide a brief description of the facility.
Conduct research on the consumers in the area using at least two lifestyle analyses and marketing research databases discussed in Ch. 4 & 5 of Essentials of Health Care Marketing.
Write a lifestyle profile for the neighborhood that can be used as the demographic profile for potential patients at your facility.
> Based on your research, describe two ways the facility could segment their market.
> How does this profile provide you with insight on how the people in this neighborhood perceive your facility?
> Based on your research, assess the lifestyle profile you developed.
> Is the demographic and psychographic information you found accurate? Why or why not?
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
References provide at least 4 scholarly peer reviewed references listed in APA and includes where retrieved from. In-citation each reference needs to have one corresponding in-text citation in APA.

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