marketing strategy

Part A – Initial Client Briefing Individual project – 10 marks During week 5 you will have the opportunity to meet with and interview your client/ industry partner. In preparation for this interview you are expected (individually) to develop a set of four questions that you can ask your client. This preparation is critical to your team’s execution of the project as it will be the only time you will get to engage in a face to face meeting with your client before you present your findings and recommendations back to them in week 11. Therefore, you must develop questions that are insightful and will provide your team with first hand knowledge about the client’s business (information that would otherwise be impossible to obtain through third party sources or primary research). They should also provide your team with an idea of what your and your client’s expectations of the project are.For this part of the assignment you will not only need to develop the questions to ask your client, but also provide the rationale for the questions (why are you asking these things and what you want to achieve with the answers). A question pro-forma is attached. These questions are to be discussed with your tutor in week 4. Due: 4:00pm, 19 August, 2015.

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