Measuring Dimensions of Organisations

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Assignment 2. Group Project: Measuring Dimensions of Organizations’, adapted from the textbook, pp. 39-40. Specific questions are listed below. This assignment is a group report in pairs with a presentation in tutorials.
Criteria for assessment: the marking guide is provided at the end of this Course Description
Each student should choose one organization to research, meaning that the pair will report on two organisations in total (a group of three student would do three organisations). The comparison between the organisations is the key analytical component of this assignment: don’t just present two organisations separately: you are required to compare and contrast the two organisations that you research using the nine dimensions from the textbook pp.39-40.
It is strongly recommended that, if possible you interview a person from each of the organisations using the nine dimensions shown on pp. 39-40. Such an interview is not considered to be research’ and does not, in general, require ethics approval. An interview in person is preferable, but interviews by phone or email are acceptable.
Accessing the assignment: The Measuring Dimensions of Organizations’ activity is adapted from the textbook, pp.134-135. Note the questions below are slightly different from those provided in the textbook – answer the questions below using your research on the nine dimensions provided in the textbook.
Assignment 2 questions
Q1. Summarize the results of your findings from the nine dimensions on pp. 39-40 using a graphical representation: a bar chart or continuum could be good. (It doesn’t make sense to average all the dimensions because the measures are quite different in nature). Remember to contrast the findings from the two organisations.
Q2. Outline and discuss the main similarities between the results for the two organisations on the nine dimensions.
Q3. Outline and discuss the main differences between the results for the two organisations on the nine dimensions.
Q4. Choose two of the dimensions to analyse and discuss in more detail in relation to both of the organisations’ effectiveness. Do the results on the two dimensions suggest the organisations would be more or less effective? What makes you think so? Use the effectiveness models from p. 73f. in the textbook to help structure your discussion.
IMPROTANT!!!!! Sources for the report
Your report should cite at least ten academic sources (books and/or journal articles). You should cite at least three sources of information about your organisation. Please use the references that can be found in Australia.
Appendix to the report
Your report must include an appendix consisting of examples of the organisational material sourced for the report. Suitable items include: material from the organisation’s website; an annual report; a newspaper article; an article from the business press; a case study. All items from the company website will count as one item. If an item is lengthy (such as an annual report), provide an appropriate indication of its content and coverage, such as the title page, contents page and a short segment of relevant content.
Use Report Format
• Provide a complete title page, with the full names and student numbers of each group member.
• Use report format, including a summary and a table of contents.
• Fully reference your report and provide a reference list using the APA style.
• Provide the signed School Assignment form with the report

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