Mental Health in Childhood Enquiry Based Learning (EBL) Scenario Essay.

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The essay is based on the enquiry based learning (EBL) scenario that has been enclosed below. At the end of the EBL scenario, I have outlined ASSESSMENT CONTENT/DETAILS i.e. what the essay should contain.
Enquiry Based Learning (EBL) Scenario (Child Mental Health).
This EBL scenario will describe the multi disciplinary/multi professional team member’s role in supporting the Calvert family. Firstly a referral letter to Child Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) from the child’s General Practitioner (GP) is provided along with a Health Visitor report, which outlines why the child and his family require a CAMHS assessment. A further letter written following the CAMHS multi disciplinary team (MDT) assessment details findings. Normally this letter would detail the MDT’s actions and package of care, however this has been purposefully omitted in order that you as a learning group can begin to think about the needs of Darren and his family.
The EBL scenario demonstrates many aspects of mental health and wellbeing and should act as a guide allowing the student group to study and identify relevant aspects pertinent to child mental health, emotional wellbeing, from promotion and prevention to care. The EBL scenario aims to direct your learning and help the group to identify suitable areas to focus upon for the assessed presentations.

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