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1. Calculate the MET cost of walking on the treadmill at 4 mph @ 6% grade.
2. Calculate the Kcal expenditure (kcal.min-1) for a 80 kg man performing at the MET load in question #1.
3. How long (minutes) would it take the subject in question #2 to expend the number of kcals in one lb of fat, if they exercised at the MET load from question #1.
4. Calculate the MET cost of running on the treadmill at 6.5 mph @ 5% grade.
5. Calculate the kcal expenditure (kcal.min-1) for a 60 kg female working at the MET load from question #4
6. The subject in question #5 needs to lose 5 lbs of Fat. How many 30 minute workouts will she have to complete at the workload from question #4 to accomplish this?
7. Calculate the oxygen cost of pedaling (75 rpm) a stationary bicycle (MonarkTM) at a load setting of 2.5 kp for an 80 kg man.
8. Calculate the MET cost of cycling at the workload from question #8, for a 90 kg male
9. A subject (75 kg weight) has a functional capacity of 10.0 METs. Calculate a workload in watts on the MonarkTM cycle ergometer that would be equal to 70% of this subjects’ functional capacity.
10. Calculate the MET cost of arm cranking at a workload of 450 kgm/min for a 75 kg man.
11. Calculate the MET cost of stepping up and down on a 12 inch bench at a step rate of 24 per minute.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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