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please the reference must be thesis, report, jurnaols or artical.
Research Design
In this heading you need to write brief about the method we used in data collection mixed method approached.
Ethics Approval
Ethics approvals from RMIT University and the Kuwaiti Ministries of Education and Health have been gain to commencement of this study. The Ministry of Health will be formally approached to arrange for a female nurse (for girls’ schools) and a male staff nurse (for boys’ schools) from the Ministry to accompany and assist the researcher in taking the heights and weights of the school children. The female nurse will be in charge of taking the height and weight measurements of the girls in the girls’ schools, whereas the male staff nurse will assist in taking the height and weight measurements of the boys in the boys’ schools
In this heading the setting the place of the study was conducted in sex provinces Al-Asimah, Al-Ahmadi, Al-Farwaniyah , Al-Jahrah
, Hawalli
, Mubarak al-Kabir in Kuwait in 12 random public schools 6 girls and 6 boys and follow official from department of health and education as well.
In this heading we are aiming for 600 student 300 girls and 300 boys. Therefore we distributed 720 questionnaires to avoid missing and refuse parents for their children to participate in this study. So I distributed 60 questionnaires in each school and the percentage of participate was 100%, 80%, 60% and 75% each school was deferent
I will send it to you and please have look it to write the percentage in each province.
And their parents, school principal, teacher and 12 officials 6 from department of health and 6 from the department of education
Data Collection, Phase One quantitative
In this heading specific for the school children, and their parents and as following
We used for school children questionnaire and weigh measurement BMI and for their parent’s questionnaire only.
You need to write about the questionnaire, I will attach for you for both of them and the validity and reliability will be attached or you can find it.
And you need to write about each part of questionnaire divided each part like demographic data.
Testing instrument
You need to write that for parents and children as well was initially piloted with 30 students in Kuwait. The feedback from the students about the wording and comprehensibility of the questions upon using the survey for the baseline measures, students felt that the survey was easily understood, comprehensible, and relevant and produced a reasonable spread of answers and was both age and ethnically appropriate.
Parent’s Questionnaire
A questionnaire was developed in the Arabic language to assess the prevalence of obesity among Saudi elementary school children. It was slightly modified to suit the Kuwait culture to assess parents’ awareness towards obesity, eating behaviors, and attitudes towards their children’s weight, physical activities and eating habits. The original questionnaire was itself adapted from a dissertation (the prevalence of obesity among children aged 7-12 years in Jeddah Saudi Arabia and their parents’ awareness of this problem). The modified questionnaire administered during the study in both Arabic and English languages are included in the questionnaire was reviewed by faculty members from the for content, validity and readability, and then revised according to their suggestions and add some question related the BMI are you familiar with BMI, and are BMI measurement appropriate for school screen, and would you received BMI through school nurse or some other options.
The first part of the questionnaire was designed to elicit some demographic data about children’s age, gender, school’s name, range and order in the family and with whom does the child live. The second part of the questionnaire asked information about the childs’ parents. Parents’ level of education was characterized as “less than high school,” “read and write,” “high school”, “Bachelor’s degree” and “graduate degree.” In addition, information on the parents’ occupations and income level was collected. Parents were asked to report family health histories including common obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, CVD, cholesterol levels, sleep apnea, insulin levels and arthritis. They could select all health problems that applied to them.
The third part of the questionnaire included questions to assess the children’s lifestyle, food habits and health status. This included tracking the number of meals eaten with family, number of snacks, types and time of snacks, cups of milk and sweetened drinks consumed per day, frequency of fried food eaten per week and frequency of eating in fast-food restaurants per week. Additionally, there were a few questions about exercising, such as type of exercise or activity, duration of exercise or activity per day and participation in physical activity classes at school per week. The survey also investigated the children’s sedentary lifestyle, including hours spent watching television, playing video games or net browsing. The last part of the questionnaire included parents’ awareness of childhood obesity. There were questions to determine the awareness of the
Student Questionnaires
The ABAKQ Adolescent Behaviours Attitudes and Knowledge Questionnaire (ABAKQ) [2008Of these studies, some questions had good reliability data, some were from standard questionnaires and provided scope to develop questions to specifically measure the objectives of the It’s Your Move! Action plan.
The survey was initially piloted with 95 students in Australia. The feedback from the students about the wording and comprehensibility of the questions plus the range of responses were used to further modify the questionnaire. Upon using the survey for the baseline measures, students felt that the survey was easily understood, comprehensible, and relevant and produced a reasonable spread of answers and was both age and ethnically appropriate.
And please talk about the part of questionnaire.
Questionnaires Coded
Here I used coded to for the children questionnaire and their parents to insure the privacy and voluntary of participant and to facility data analyses and collecting the data.
Weight Measurement
Here you need to write that we measuring the child weight and highest to collect their BMI, you need to write about scale recalibrating and the precaution of the measurement such as the privacy of measurement. And have been done under trained staff nurse.
And you need to writ which BMI percentile, we follow and used the WHO, BMI for age and gender.
Data Collection, Phase Tow qualitative
Here you need to write that we send invitation for officials ask their permission to participate in this study to discuss with the about the policy and plan have done by the government to elicit information related their role.
Focus Group Interview
12 focus group have been conducted among random school after the first part of the study discuss with the regard their role, knowledge, school nurse role, canteen and the children related the weight
Officials Interview
In this part we conduced 12 interviews with 6 officials from the department of health and 6 from the department of education. Discuss with them about overweight and obesity in children and the role of the government related child obesity.
You summarize what have been written up.

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