MGT 630 Assignment 2: Analysis of Amazon’s Strategy

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Assignment Instructions
The Daft text describes two strategy models, i.e., Porter’s Five Competitive Forces Model (Daft pp. 65-67), and Miles and Snow’s Strategy Typology model (Daft p. 70).
In an 8 page analysis, you are to select the model that best describes Amazon.Com’s phenomenal success.
In your analysis, you should cover the following:
a) Identify and discuss the major parts of the model that ensure a firm’s success.
b) Evaluate and analyze how each of these strategies was used by Amazon.Com.
c) Provide a recommendation about how Amazon can continue to improve its operations by using this strategy model.
d) An outline for this paper would include the following centered APA first heading levels :
Major Parts of the Model Selected
Recommendations and Summary
e) Give reasons to support your facts and views and document these with at least three journal references.
f) Make sure you use journal references, and follow APA formatting and style especially for in-text citations, quotes, and reference entries.
This paper should follow APA style and formatting. Check out the Library Module for APA Style. This link has APA format and style especially for citations and a References list.
A special library link has also been created for students in this MGMT 630 course, so that you can use this library as a customized resource especially for this course – .
Use the APA Template under the Course Content section of the Classroom to help you with the formatting an APA cover page and References list. You should use Times Roman 12 point size font

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