Micro-aggression and Micro-affirmation

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1. The paper will be five pages long and will include an additional
page for Works Cited.
2. At least four sources will be used, one of which must be printed.
3. It will comport with the rules of the Modern Language Association
(MLA) with respect to formatting, including pagination, Works Cited, margins, in-text citation and other MLA requirements. Do not submit a cover page.
4. You may choose any topic you desire for this paper, as long as it
is academically respectable. If there are any doubts about this, please consult the instructor.
5. The subject matter may be something you’ve already given a
class presentation on or are planning go give a presentation on.
6. There will be no peer review for this paper. If you feel you need
a peer review, you may want to coordinate an informal review
with colleagues whose writing skills you respect.
7. The research paper may be either an explanatory synthesis or
an argumentative synthesis. If argumentative, you are
expected to either take a side in an existing argument, or establish your own argument on the topic. You are expected to use concession as part of your argument strategy;
that is, you must respectfully acknowledge and restate the opponents’ position(s) as you proceed with your argument.
8. If you choose an explanatory synthesis, be careful not to allow
the sources to control the discussion. You must control the
informational discussion.
9. The essay will be graded on the basis of the rubric in the
Syllabus. In the grading process, because of the large size of this class, I may need to grade using a random sampling technique. For example, I may scrutinize the first and last paragraphs, and randomly select two or three body paragraphs to determine the grade to be given on the paper.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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