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Use APA formatting, 12pt font Arial. This professor expects very thorough work!
1) Read directions carefully
2) Answer each component very thoroughly!
3) Use statistical data or projections if necessary.
4) Be creative, when creating financial analysis
Mid Term EXAM BUS 518
This assignment must be submitted through turnitin.com and then on blackboard.
I am the general partner of a successful brokerage firm with a local, regional, and national client base composed of institutions, small businesses and individuals. I have asked you, one of my new MBA employees, if you would do a preliminary financial analysis of Archer Daniels Midland(ADM) Company to determine if it is a buy, sell or hold with regard to the stock, so we can properly advice our clients. In other words, is this a good investment opportunity for our clients? The first thing you need to do is probably ask me questions:
1. What questions (and why) might you have before you start your assignment?
2. What would your recommendation be based on?
I decided I wanted to know more of what you thought about the situation, namely, if you found this a good investment, what would be the “downsides:” in making this investment. Therefore, you need to gather the appropriate information so an objective decision could be made whether to pursue this investment opportunity or not. Your explicit assignment is to gather the appropriate information and be specific. Describe in detail how you would go about gathering this information and analyzing the information.* Your continued employment with my firm depends on how you handle this request.
I expect detailed (graduate)work on this response. Utilize everything that you have learned in class and from the text to respond to this in a very specific way. This is your mid-term exam; I suggest it will take a “significant” amount of time to complete, if you are to be successful in your assignment.

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