Module 1: Topic 1: Business-Government-Society: An Interdependent System

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Activity 1-1: Stakeholder Influences and Interconnections
The purpose of this activity is to help you develop the ability to identify the network or system of interconnection among primary and secondary stakeholders in an organization. As managers, leaders, and team members in our companies, organizations, or communities, we will make better decisions when 1) we have the skills to recognize our influence on other stakeholders and 2) when we understand that there are indirect as well as direct impacts of our decisions and actions.
Part A: Reflective Journal—Stakeholder Diagram
Stakeholder Diagram: Complete a primary and secondary stakeholders diagram of an organization with which you are familiar, for example, your church or other faith-based organization, a community group, professional association, or your place of work.
Part B: Reading
Read Chapter 1: The Corporation and Its Stakeholders, pages 2–19 (up to "The Dynamic Environment of Business") in your textbook, to reinforce your understanding of stakeholders and stakeholder interrelationships.
Part C: Reflective Journal—Revisiting the Stakeholder Diagram
Stakeholders Diagram: Having done the reading in Business and Society, go back to the diagram you created identifying primary and secondary shareholders, and reflect again on the organization you selected. Look back at your diagram and ask yourself if there are other stakeholders that you omitted in your first consideration of stakeholder relationships. Be specific in naming stakeholders, so that the content of this diagram is not abstract for you. Add more circles and arrows if necessary, and differentiate between primary and secondary shareholders or direct and indirect influences.
Are there interrelationships between primary and secondary stakeholders that you omitted the first time you drew arrows connecting the stakeholders? Go back to the diagram that you created and spend enough time to really identify and consider the larger networks of influence and interconnections there are among stakeholders.
Please note: In your activities in this course, you may use personal names and information because the information is not shared or made public. If you wish to share this information, however, you may well consider how you present it. Ideally, if anyone reads the information in your activities, they would be able to see themselves or others in a positive way.

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