Monitor Corporate Governance Activities (4 Assessment Tasks)

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These assessment tasks are need to be done by Microsoft Word and Excel. Read the Word document (INSTRUCTION-Monitor Corporate Governance

Activities.docx) for brief instructions. Read the PDF document (LEARNER’S GUIDE-Monitor Corporate Governance Activities.pdf) for detail instructions.

Actually, the PDF document will help you to complete is coursework. I created that Word document to help you understand that PDF document. There are

4 Assessment Tasks in the PDF document attached. Assessment Task-1 page-10, Assessment Task-2 page-12, Assessment Task-3 page-14, Assessment

Task-4 page-16. Detail information will be found in the PDF document (LEARNER’S GUIDE-Monitor Corporate Governance Activities.pdf) attached.

You can make the Assessment Tasks answers short (use less word) where possible or necessary, but everything needs to be covered. So organize first, in

which part you will use how many words. I need Assessment Task 1, 2, 3 and 4 done properly. If there is any problem or need more

instructions/information, inform me.

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