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Write 200-300 word answer to each question.
1.What do you think are the roots of motion graphics? Use key works and designers as examples to help support your perspective.
2.Define and describe the terms travelling matte; chroma key; luma key; in-camera effects; and, bokeh. Use some examples to help illustrate your definitions.
3.Briefly state different video formats, aspect ratios and discuss how it influences motion graphics design for cross platform delivery?
4.In what ways has computer technology changed typography? How does the concept of kinetic type further extend these changes?
5.What was the impact of MTV on modern motion graphics? What other influences do you think are visible in recent examples of motion graphics? Explain your answer with reference to examples.
6.How would you shoot (ie: what equipment and setup) and store (ie: what file formats) green-screen video footage for post-production? What would be a good compromise for storage if file size is an issue? Explain the reason for your choices

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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