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•Apply a framework in order to create a marketing communication campaign.
•Assess current and future media and methods to make judgements regarding appropriateness for specific scenarios
1.Deploy a framework to design and develop a marketing communication campaign
2.Evaluate and select relevant media and promotion methods appropriate to any case study.
You have been employed as a Marketing Communications Manager the Antro group and you have been charged with producing a Marketing Communications plan.
1.Using a framework with which you are familiar (Chris Fill Framework) and a budget of £5million you must create a Marketing Communications plan for the 12 month period from June 2014 to May 2015 to ensure maximum return for their investment in new products.
Please Note that whilst this company actually exists the scenario that you have been given has not yet occurred and therefore your campaign design should be what you believe they should be doing, you should be applying your knowledge and creating a campaign that you feel is relevant and appropriate based on your research and your understanding of the company’s needs.
Please note the following when completing your assignment:
1.Focus only on the tasks set in the assignment
2.Written in English in an appropriate business/ academic style
3.3000 words is the maximum permitted length
4.Typed on A4 paper in an appropriate business font 11 with at least 2.5 cm space at each edge
5.Business reports should be in a report folder with a clear title, course and name or ID on the cover sheet and include a bibliography using the Harvard referencing system.
6.Research should use credible sources and be extensive.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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