1. What is this movie based on? What is the original source? How is the movie version different from the original source?  Please compare in details.
  2. The Synopsis of the movie. What happen – beginning, middle and end? Who are the characters and what are they relationships to one another?
  3. What are the themes that this VERSION is exploring?  Explain them why in details and support your answers with the actions from the movie.


Setting and Environment


  1. Director Julie Taymor said at an interview that “she wants the overall environment of this movie to reflect an anachronistic fantasy world from many periods of history, including Ancient Rome and Mussolini’s Italy (source: Wiki)”. What does she mean by this?  Find at least 2 EXAMPLES from the movie in terms of setting and environment to support this statement and explain how.
  2. How the shifting of the last scene’s environment and setting, from the home of Titus to the coliseum, enhance the theme(s)? What is the significant of Young Lucius taking Aaron’s baby out of the coliseum?
  3. Pick 2 scenes (1 indoor and 1 outdoor) and draw a ground plan (top down view) for each scene. Please label the items on the ground plan. They can be black and white or in color.

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