Multicalture and Migrants

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In this assignment the task is taking 12 pictures of city prince George about migration and multiculturalism. Using the reading from this unit, students will write 3 –pages discussion paper. In this paper, student will first summarize and explain some of the key issue/themes of migration, multiculturalism as presented in the reading. Students will then apply those issues/themes to reflect on , interpret and make sense of the photo and explain why they communicate to you something important and relevant about ideas of migration and multiculturalism.
USE the 3 articles that I attach them . and relate them to my pictures
1- Honson,Walter the challenge of Diversity.Black Rose Bonks,Montreal.Ch.5.pp.88-103.
2- Krase,Jerome A Visual approach to Beyond Multiculturalism; views from Anthropology.Giulia Orato ( ed.) Ash-gate publishing Ltd .Farmhand,England.pp,21-38.
3- Lawton, Laura and Davie Weaver “ nature-based Tourism and Ecotourism “ in Tourism in the Twenty-First Century; Reflection on Experience .Bill Faulkner,Gianna Moscardo and Eric Laws ( Eds.) Continuum,London.PP.34-
Proper in-text citation and reference cited of the reading used is required.
1- In the introduction define the multiculturalism and migrants and I prefer the definition from the reading articles .
2- And the instruction of the assignment required reflect so reflect your felling
3- Use citation from the article that I attach only no articals from you !!
4- I download my assignment take a look for it and if you reflect any picture you want not necessary all of them 3-5 pictures are good to reflect them
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