multiple choice questions

Mathsmart here are my questions for answers that I left off. Will you need anything else? 1. Jose Berry and Jerry Daniel have their offices in the new building. OFFICES is a(n)____. a. noun b. verb c. pronoun d. adjective e. conjunction. 2. Since the lender isn’t here, please mail the papers to her. a. correct b. fragment c. run-on d. comma splice 3. That equipment is electrically operated this one is not. a. correct b. fragment c. run-on d. comma splice 4. Soldiers take responsibility for themselves, their actions, and the results. a. correct b. fragment c. run-on d. comma splice 5. There is little we can do to help, for she is too stubborn. a. correct b. fragment c. run-on d. comma splice 6. Since the shop was operating on a 24-hr basis. a. correct b. fragment c. run-on d. comma splice 7. I read the riddle again and again nevertheless, I still couldn’t figure out the answer. a. correct b. fragment c. run-on d. comma splice 8. Although the artist painted three paintings of this man, only one has been found. a. correct b. fragment c. run-on d. comma splice 9. I typed all the statistical reports on Tuesday therefore, I had to proofread them on Wednesday. a. correct b. fragment c. run-on d. comma splice 10. Which syllable in NUMISMATIC receives the primary stress? a. 1st b. 2nd c. 3rd d. 4th 11. Which of these is the etymology of SMOG? a. noun b. California c. smoke plus fog d. one syllable e. smoggy, smogless 12. A lecture series ___ been given about ___. a. have, micro processors b. has, micro processors c. have, microprocessors d. has, microprocessors e. has, micro-processors 13. Bob and ___ will give the flyers to ___ who wants them. a. he, any one b. him, anyone c. him, any one d. he, any-one e. he, anyone 14. ____ would you like to go with you when you and ___ give the deposition? a. Whom, her b. Who, she c. Who,her d.Whom, she 15. Which one is incorrect? a. He loves his wife more than she. b. He loves his wife more than her. c. I know the president better than he. d. I know the president better than him. e. None of the above 16. Which one is incorrect? a. Each of the players have a locker. b. He said that the computer is broken. c. There go the members of the cast. d. We knew that rivers flow south. 17. Neither Junior nor Bill ____ sure that all the workers ___ on strike. a. are, are b. is, is c. is, are d. are, is 18. Which one is correct? a. The choic sung for an hour. b. Thermostats costed $12. c. We both quit yesterday. d. My toes had froze. 19. Frank is the ___ of the three brothers. a. older b. oldest c. either a or b d. most oldest 20. As both are good, order the ___ one from the ___ competent of the two clerks. a. cheaper, more b. cheapest, most c. cheaper, most d. cheapest, more 21. I didn’t put ___ grade on it as it is ___ uninteresting essay. a. no, a b. any, an c. no, an d. any, a 22. The ___ gave their names and addresses to that ___ secretary. a. witnesses, attorneys’ b. witnesses’, attorneys c. witnesses, attorney’s d. witness’s, attorney’s e. witness’s, attorneys’ 23. Mr. ___ speech emphasized safeguarding the rights of all ____. a. James’s, citizens b. James’, citizens’ c. James’s, citizen’s d. Jameses, citizens 24. The research ____ are all ____. a. chemist’s, MD’s b. chemists, MD’S c. chemists’, MDs d. chemists, MDs’ e. chemists, MDs 25. Which sentence is correctly punctuated? a. He thinks that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. b. She is wearing a new yellow dress, and looks clean and neat. c. The sheikdom of Bahrain has a settled well-educated population. 26 Which sentence is correctly punctuated? a. An operating system is the set of instructions, that directs the overall operations of the computer. b. While database management systems have existed for some time, they originally were large, unwieldy, and difficult to use. c. The cost and size of computers are decreasing, almost as rapidly as processing power is increasing. 27. Which sentence is correctly punctuated? a. In connection with the tax cut of last year, we are now studying, its impact on middle-income families. b. Now is the time for all good men, and women to come to the aid of their country. c. Although the impact on humans is not clear, computerized factories are one possible solution to our national problem. 28. Which sentence is correctly punctuated? a. Areas neglected by investors in recent years include real estate and investments in the energy sector. b. These may not seem as exciting as they did in the past but maybe that’s the time to do a little buying. c. Previous to Webster’s complete two-volume edition he had compiled three shorter and incomplete versions.

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