Musem visit paper

You are a new reporter for the local newspaper.  You have been given an assignment by the feature editor to write a review of an art exhibition at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (Links to an external site.), Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (Links to an external site.) or other art gallery or space in Utah.  Check out Salt Lake Gallery Stroll (Links to an external site.) and Sugarhouse Art Walk (Links to an external site.) websites for other art spaces in town.  A museum is a collection of galleries.  If you select to do a museum, you can NOT review their permanent collection.


Your editor wants a small review, between 350 to 500 words (if you notice the rubric, 350 words in a minimum grade).  She has provided a list of a few rules/questions you need to answer.  You need to write the article as if it is a real newspaper style review.

  1. State the name of the exhibition and summarize the theme?  What is this body of artwork trying to say to the public?  Why did the art space present the work?
  2. How does the artwork in the exhibition support the theme?  Don’t be afraid to tell the readers that some, if not the majority of artwork doesn’t support the concept.
  3. Select one specific piece that does support the theme and explain why.  Make sure to state the name of the piece, the artist, the medium, and year created.

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