Music questions- Jazz

Questions Chapter 12


  1. Trace the history and the implications of the term “cool” both in music, literature and culture.

  2. Who was Lennie Tristano and who are his most famous disciples?

  3. Name three standard bebop lines composed by Tadd Dameron. Who was the trumpet player at his famous engagement at the Royal Roost that started in 1948?

  4. Gil Evans is one of the most innovative and respected arrangers in modern jazz. Where did he come from? How did he meet Miles?

  5. What made Gerry Mulligan’s West Coast Quartet of 1952 unusual?

  6. How many instruments are in the “Birth of the Cool” band? Can you name them?

  7. What does MJQ stand for? Who were the members? What made them unusual?

  8. Who did Dave Brubeck study with?

  9. Who composed “Take Five”?

  10. Who recorded “Four Brothers” Who wrote it? What made it unusual?

  11. Who wrote “ The Preacher” and “Song for my Father”?

  12. Where does the term “funky” come from?

  13. Who was the saxophonist in the renowned Clifford Brown Max Roach Quintet?

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