Mythological and Modern-Day Heroes

ENG 155 Week 4 Assignment ( Mythological and Modern-Day Heroes Paper ) – A Graded – Best Tutorial – Quality Work – Latest Syllabus

Mythological and Modern-Day Heroes Paper

Identify a hero from literature or popular culture who embarks on a mythical quest.

Write a 1000 – 1450 word paper that includes the following:

  • A list of the mythological hero’s characteristics
  • A description of how that character exemplifies a mythological hero
  • The purpose of the mythical quest in general

You may not write on any heroes from the course reading or from Biblical or classical mythology that we have not covered. The purpose of this assignment is to examine how modern-day heroes are cast in molds that are similar to the archetypes that we have been studying.

You should also avoid writing on real people for this paper. What tends to happen when students write on actual real life heroes for this paper, is that they forget to do the assignment and just produce a 1000 word biography. It is best to stick to fictional characters for the purposes of this paper.  


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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