Need help writing a draft research paper on my topic, "Stopping the finances of ISIS". Have my references and past papers

further instructions
The purpose of Draft 1 is to build upon the Annotated Bibliography and to move forwardin drafting your final ResearchPaper.
In this assignment, youwillbuilduponthesummariesthatyoudidfortheAnnotatedBibliographyfor UnitIII. UnliketheAnnotatedBibliography, however,theDraft1ofyour ResearchPaperismorethanjustasummaryof sources. Instead, itis conversation between sources wherein the student authorplaceshisorhersourcesintoaconversationabouttopicssurroundingtheissue. You will needtoreviewatleastfiveacademicsourcesforthisassignment.Youarenot restrictedtothesourcesusedintheAnnotatedBibliography, butthatwouldbeagoodplacetostart. Thelengthofthedraftshouldbebetween3-5pages, not includingthecoverpageorreferencespage.
YoushouldincludeanAPA-stylecoverpagefor your Draft1.Seetheexampleonpage16ofTheCSU APAGuide(6thedition). Yourcoverpageshouldincludethefollowing: thetitleofyour paper, your name,andthenameofyouruniversity(ColumbiaSouthernUniversity).Therunningheadshouldincludeupto50charactersfromthetitleofthepaper, alongwithasequentialpagenumberintheupperright-hand corner.
Considerthetopicsthatyoursourcescover.Thenmakealistof those topics. Clusterthetopicstogether, and decide which sources speak to the same concerns.
Decidewhichsourcesspeaktothesameissues, and decide which material from those sources that you will include.
Whensourcesdiscussthesametopicbut do not agree, you should still include them in the same paragraph if you would like.Thereisnothingthat says that two sources that disagree can not be presented in the same paragraph.
Remembertotransitionbetweenideas, sources, and paragraphs. Checkoutthelistoftransitional expressionsonpp.44-45ofTheLittle,BrownCompactHandbookwithExercises.
Do not comment nth sources. Your job hereinto present the material only,not to give you take on what is has to say.
Do not include your argument.You do not want to argue in the review of literature because you are reviewing the literature,not asserting your argument.Youwillbeableto argue for your position later in the paper.
Do not just insert the summary paragraphs from your AnnotatedBibliography. There view of literature is far more than just a list of paragraphs summarizing sources.
Do not forget to cite you rsour context and toincludea reference page

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